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American Legion Auxiliary
Badger Girls State


Seventy-fourth Session

June 17-22, 2018


We Are A Community, Together We Commit Ourselves To The Future


American Legion Auxiliary Badger Girls State is a very important part of our Americanism program, a program in understanding our democratic form of government. It originated in 1941 and has been a major project of the American Legion Auxiliary since that time. This program does not discriminate against race, creed or color.



The American Legion Auxiliary is the sponsoring body, however, American Legion Posts that do not have an Auxiliary Unit may also be a sponsor. Civic organizations, service clubs, business and school groups may become contributors by assisting local Units in paying all or part of the reservation fee. In each community the local American Legion Auxiliary Unit acts as the clearing agency for all contributors.



         To prepare girls of high school age in Wisconsin for citizenship in a modern world where government touches their lives in many different ways.

         To teach the principles of democracy in a representative government.

         To provide an opportunity for living together as self-governing citizens, sharing experiences that demonstrate the duties, privileges and responsibilities of a good citizen.

         To instill a love of country and a desire to preserve the fundamental features of our form of government as founded by our ancestors.


What Is American Legion Auxiliary

Badger Girls State?

The entire assemblage will become a fifty-first state and will function according to the laws of the State of Wisconsin.

 Most of each day at Girls State will be given to the various activities of government. Girls State is not a recreational program. It is a school of government training for which the girl has been selected by her school and the local Unit. She should come prepared to apply herself diligently to the program as it is scheduled. The citizens are divided into political parties, the Federalists and Nationalists. They develop their own party platforms and formulate their own issues.

The girls "learn by doing" as they function on city, county and state levels by electing officials in the manner prescribed by regular election procedures and conducting business on those levels. Every girl is encouraged to participate in some level of the governmental process.


Dates And Location

American Legion Auxiliary Badger Girls State will be held on the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh campus, June 17-22, 2018.  Delegates will be housed in Gruenhagen Conference Center and all meetings will be held in various campus buildings.



The cost per delegate is (TBD), which must be paid by each Unit or contributor at the time the reservation form is submitted. It covers room, board, study materials etc. Make checks payable to American Legion Auxiliary Badger Girls State, Inc. and send to the American Legion Auxiliary Department Headquarters. A $50.00 fee will be withheld for expenses already incurred when a cancellation of a delegate/alternate is received prior to May.  After May 1, there will be no refunds.  There will be an appeal process in special cases regarding refunds.  The Executive Director will handle appeals on a case by case basis.  Units are encouraged to inform their school(s) of this so delegate(s) are aware of the seriousness of their commitment.


Candidate Eligibility

Girls sent to American Legion Auxiliary Badger Girls State are to be selected by the high school faculty, working with the sponsoring American Legion Auxiliary Unit. Each girl must meet all of the following eligibility requirements before being considered a candidate:


1.  Be enrolled in the Junior year of a Wisconsin public,         parochial, private high school or home school, whether she resides in Wisconsin or a neighboring state.

2. Have an interest in government and citizenship.

3. Have a scholastic rating in the upper half of her class.

4. Have outstanding qualities of leadership, good moral character, cooperativeness, dependability and participation in extra-curricular activities.

5. Be in good health and physically fit. (Note "Health Information")


Special Note

If a delegate is unable to attend, she must immediately notify Department Headquarters, her sponsoring Unit or Post and the school (if still in session).  If the alternate is unable to attend, or if there is a change in information, Department Headquarters must be notified immediately.

Girls will not be excused from any part of the American Legion Auxiliary Badger Girls State session in order to participate in some other activity during the week.  Full time attendance at the entire program is necessary in order to gain the fullest knowledge of the projects being presented and to fulfill their obligation to their sponsors.

Girls are expected to give a report to their sponsoring organization upon their return home.


Health Information

The American Legion Auxiliary Badger Girls State Week is strenuous, requiring emotional stability and physical stamina, with much cross-campus movement and long hours of group activities.

To protect the health of all delegates and meet state health requirements, a physical examination is recommended within 24 months of the American Legion Auxiliary Badger Girls State session in June.  A medical form can be downloaded from the American Legion Auxiliary Badger Girls State website ( It will be the delegate's responsibility to see that this medical form is completely filled out by her parents/guardians.  To avoid unnecessary phone calls to the delegate's residence, be certain that the medical form is completely fill out (insurance information, date of tetanus shot, emergency numbers, etc.)

After the form is completely filled out, make two copies of it, one to hand in at Registration and one copy to be left at home.

Supplementary general insurance is provided for all in attendance; however, their own group insurance will be the primary carrier.  We must have all the information requested on the medical form, namely physician name, policyholder's name, insurance company, telephone number, group number and subscriber or policy number.  Failure to have this information noted will necessitate a phone call home.  Our supplementary insurance will not cover a delegate if she goes off campus without permission.  ("Campus" is limited to the area and buildings where general assemblies, lectures, classes and special interest groups are held.)

Every precaution is taken to avoid accidents and sickness at American Legion Auxiliary Badger Girls State.  Mercy Medical Hospital and Aurora Medical Center are available in case of an accident or illness that our nursing staff feels requires their attention.  Please remember to include on the medical form an alternate contact including name, relationship, address and telephone number.

The general insurance coverage provided by American Legion Auxiliary Badger Girls State, Inc. will not cover problems caused by pre-existing conditions.  If the considered candidate has a questionable health condition, such as recent exposure to a communicable disease, disability, temporary handicap, or need for a special diet, a letter describing the degree of disability from the parents or guardians to the Executive Director is required so every consideration of the candidate can be made.


Schedule Of Activities

Sunday - Registration - Opening Convocation - Getting acquainted - City orientations - Band and chorus practice - Platform Committee meetings - General Assembly - City caucuses nominations and primary elections for Senate/Assembly 

Monday - Platform Committee meetings - General assembly - Political parties organize - City/Senate/Assembly Campaigning - Band and Chorus practice - Platform Committee meetings - City/Senate/Assembly elections - Party caucuses - Interest groups - County caucuses - Meet your county candidates - General Assembly

Tuesday - County elections - General Assembly - City meetings - Political party conventions - Lobbyists - Senate and Assembly organizational and Bill writing meeting - Political party rally committees - City commissions and officials - County meetings - Political party rallies - Interest groups - Lobbyists - State primary election - County meetings - Careers for Women - General assembly

Wednesday - General assembly - State general election - City meetings - Senate and Assembly - Girls Nation nominating assemblies - County meetings - Interest groups - Lobbyists - Hearings on Bills - General assembly

Thursday - Office hours for State Treasurer/Secretary of State - General assembly - Girls Nation election - Joint session of Assembly and Senate - City meetings - County meetings - State Fair - Inaugural Dinner - Inaugural Ceremony/Reception

Friday - General assembly - Senate and Assembly - Wisconsin Careers and College Options - City meetings


Other Activities

The citizens have an opportunity to participate in Band and Chorus, do reporting and/or artwork for the daily newspaper called BADGER TALES and other recreational activities.



Informational meetings called orientations will be held in almost every county in the state.  A schedule can be found on the American Legion Auxiliary Badger Girls State website ( under the Orientation info tab. If a delegate is unable to attend an orientation in her own county she is welcome to attend a neighboring one. 



The sponsoring Unit, The American Legion Auxiliary, is not responsible for transportation to the session.  However, if there is a problem please contact them, the Unit, for assistance.  Busses are provided from various areas of the state.  Detailed information can be found under the Session Info tab (General Info link) on the American Legion Auxiliary Badger Girls State website ( It is recommended that parents carpool as much as possible (i.e. one family brings delegates in on Sunday, another picks them up on Friday).  Due to limited parking availability, Delegates are discouraged from driving their vehicle to the American Legion Auxiliary Badger Girls State session.  If there is no other means of getting to the sessions you must contact the Executive Director for special permission.  Do not arrive in Oshkosh with a car without permission!



The delegates register in the Titan Lounge in the Gruenhagen Conference Center Sunday, June 17th between 9:30am and 12:15pm.  Oshkosh has made special arrangements for food to be available.  However, it will be at your own expense.  The first meal served by American Legion Auxiliary Badger Girls State will be at 5pm on Sunday.  Those who must come earlier than 9:30am or later than 12:15pm Sunday must notify the Executive Director.


Check Out / Departure

Check-out and departure will begin at 11:30 a.m. Friday, June 22nd. Citizens riding on busses will be dismissed first.  Parents are invited to attend the closing General Assembly at 10am.  You can observe 32 citizens demonstrating the Flag Folding Ceremony, hear the Governor address the citizens of American Legion Auxiliary Badger Girls State, and view the Power Point Presentation assembled by the Multi Media Group showing some of the week's activities.  Parents and/or friends will not be allowed to go onto the floors to assist with luggage due to the congestion on the elevators.



Parents, friends, contributors and sponsors are invited to attend the Opening Convocation at 2:00 pm on Sunday, June 17th and the Inauguration on Thursday, June 21st at 7:00 p.m. followed by a reception and the final General Assembly on Friday, June 22nd at 10:45 a.m.  These programs are all held at the Kolf Center.



For Further Information

Contact The

Executive Director:

Mrs. Dee Woolf

American Legion Auxiliary
Department of Wisconsin

2930 American Legion Dr.

P.O. Box 140
Portage, WI 53901-140

Phone: 608-745-0124

Toll Free: 866-664-3863

Fax: 608-745-1947



Coordinated by

Gruenhagen Conference Center

University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh

208 Osceola St

Oshkosh, WI 54901